noun: convict; Person that spends their life behind bars (Handle Bars). convicted; gerund or present participle: convicting

Convict Custom Cycles was established in 2008. It originally operated out of Washington Utah. Founder, Delray Graves, was working out of his first small motorcycle shop where he would build custom motorcycles when he came up with the name. His shop reminded him of a jail cell. Every time He turned around he was running into his tools hanging on the wall. He and a coworker would joke that they felt like convicts. Thus the name Convict Custom Cycles.

Delray came up with the idea of adding a storage space in the floor board one day while working on a motorcycle. He would always set his tools on the floor boards where they were easily accessible. That gave him the idea to create some extra storage space. So began the journey. Five years later he brought the Flor-Bordz to market and came up with multiple uses for them.

As a former police officer he came up with the idea of a concealed gun compartment for riders. Since it is under lock and key it is legal in all 50 states.

Also as a former US Marine it was very important to him to have these manufactured in the USA.

In October 2015, Bill Faddis, a former Army Aviation officer, purchased Convict Custom Cycles and moved operations to Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. He is looking forward to getting the Flor-Bordz back in production and adding to the line of motorcycle accessories.

Convict Custom Cycles looks forward to doing business with you. Thank you for your interest in Convict Custom Cycles.

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    It is important to us that all our products are made right here in the United States of America

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