Question: Is the price for one or is it for a set?
Answer: The price is for a set you get a left and a right side.

Question: Are they water proof?
Answer: Yes they are water resistant, however they are not submergible.

Question: What size gun fits in these?
Answer: Most small 9mm, .380?s, small frame revolvers and of course anything smaller. The inside dimensions are 12″L X 4″W X 1.5″D

Question: Does it matter what side you mount the Bordz on?
Answer: Yes there is a left and a right side. Make sure when mounting them the lid removes toward the rear of the bike.

Question: What motorcycles do these fit?
Answer: They currently fit all Harley Davidsons currently equipped with floor boards.

Question: What are they made out of?
Answer: They are forged out of solid T6061 billet aluminum.